Penguin was hit, opening only 1 minute 11 seconds Bryan Trottier Jersey, trapeze three striker Dell - Weiss from the backcourt instigated offensive, he will be the ball to the partner Sean - Ketuieri after the door in front of the latter After the ball oblique spread to the door, Tomas - Koenig small angle hit the door, in front of the Ves continuous rehearsal to rewrite the score 3: 1. 8 minutes and 41 seconds Marc-Andre Fleury Jersey, the Flying Team to expand the lead, Captain Claude - Girlo hit the ball to fight back, his shot in front of Reed's relay, although Murray made a save, but he failed to control the rebound The ball of the placement, in front of the follow-up Yakubu - Vorasek Tuishe empty door to expand the score to 4: 1 Matt Cullen Jersey. In the backcourt, another former Canadian player scored 1 of 2 goals in the last eight games and became the best player in the offense, while Tyson Bari sent three assists, But the lack of fighting the avalanche team after the field can not stop the opponent's attack, the team this season with the next attack on the dominant rate of only 46.07%, ranked second in the league second. Goalkeeper position, Calvin - Picard should continue to serve as the team starting, but the last six appearances he only made a victory, the game face morale is high flame team, season rush rate of only 90.7% of his hard Stop the team to swallow six-game losing streak. The Calgary Flames announced today that they signed a two-year contract with the grassroots free agent, defender Josh Healy. He will join the AHL Stockton team spent the rest of the season, with the team training. The new contract will take effect next season Pascal Dupuis Jersey. 22-year-old Heali played for the past four seasons in Ohio, known as the NCAA level "offensive best player" and "the best quality player" one.