Penguin array of more than the general injury to the team caused a great impact on the past 10 games only to get 5 games victory, so that they seem difficult in the first round of the playoffs to get home advantage, offensive end, In addition to Malkin, the game teenager Connor - Xie Rui also injured end Tom Kuhnhackl Jersey, the game he and Crosby another partner Jack - Gu Anzel is likely to miss, Crosby than the last eight games in the attack Into the 8 ball sent 2 assists, the performance is very active, but scored 2 goals to send 7 assists Xie Rui can not play the words of his state will have a great blow Jeff Zatkoff Jersey, behind the Cross in the state, the best striker is replaced Three sets of center veteran Matt - Cullen, he in the past seven games with 2 goals 3 assists performance, another Titans Patrick - Hornquist in the past six appearances in 2 goals 2 assists performance , But by the team's high hopes Nick - Bernino and Chris - Koenig performance is still not ideal, which will give Croce on the offensive side brought no small pressure. From this picture, if Rasko did not impose a thrust on Anasiius, the two may not collide. Anasius missed today's game. According to James reported that Anathius on the acts of Rasko condemned. Anyway, we are sorry for the injury of the two players. This is especially true for the Red Wing - Anajius is a bright spot in the red wings this season, his absence so that the situation is not optimistic about the red wing. It is reported that the red wing has Annasius included in the daily watch list. Speaking of North American professional league, for the Chinese fans the most familiar Nick Spaling Jersey, is no doubt basketball NBA. Indeed, from an international perspective, basketball is also one of the four most important international movement. As early as the 1970s, NBA had to arrange the team to go overseas to play the show. NBA history, the first international tournament, in September 7, 1978, the Washington Bullets went to Israel, and Tel Aviv Maccabi team played a duel. A year later, by the invitation of national leaders Deng Xiaoping Jayson Megna Jersey, the bullets also came to Beijing and Shanghai, began the history of the NBA China race. August 24, 1979, the Bullets in Beijing to 96-85 beat the Bayi team, August 29, they went to Shanghai to 113-80 victory over the Shanghai team, when the Shanghai team's number one star, is Yao Ming's father , Height of 2.08 meters of Yao Zhiyuan.