Said so much, the main purpose of this article is not thick this thin ancient, but not to belittle the big O touted Wei less. Just a single season on average three pairs of performance Mario Lemieux Jersey, the big O in an offensive and defensive rhythm faster, play completely open era, he also by virtue of the long playing time, gains the first three times in the NBA history Season. And Wei Shao Marc-Andre Fleury Jersey, in the more rigorous, the overall level of higher modern basketball world, in the less playing time also completed the season averaged three pairs of feats. In contrast, Wei Shao's three pairs of performance more shocking Nick Spaling Jersey, but also more gold content. This season, the Hawks defense is still the league's top level, after getting Dwight - Howard, the Hawks rebounds grab to upgrade, from the league to the upper reaches of the worst level. There are Howard sitting in the basket, the eagle's baskets made significant progress Daniel Winnik Jersey, they will opponents within five feet shot control in 29.5 times, less than last season, nearly 4 times, the opponent hit only 51%, the eagle this data alliance fifth The Although Schroeder this defensive poor, the eagle in the anti-pick demolition to the opponent point guard a lot of shot space, but the eagle in the anti-conversion and other aspects of doing very well. Moreover, when the opponent point guard to the basket, the eagle coordination between each other also do a good job, their overall defense compared to last season did decline, but the hundred rounds lost 103.2 points still ranked fourth in the league , Second only to the Spurs, Warriors and Jazz three teams.