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Tampa Bay lightning team

Le 9 April 2017, 08:52 dans Humeurs 0

Tampa Bay lightning team has been chased away from the eighth only 1 minute position, the captain of the recovery training to the team a great confidence. The team's first card library Luofu past eight games scored 8 goals sent 4 assists, performance is called the gods down, teenager Bourne has 4 goals 4 assists, Palat has 2 goals 7 assists, they will give the current partition first The Canadian defense brought great test. Although the Canadian team recently won more negative, but the team's situation is not stable, before and after the field are the lack of key figures, the role of the players hoarding too much to the team lack of impact Emerson Etem Jersey, the original group of center Georghini Poor performance by the coach Julian down to the two groups left is weakened the front of the team configuration Glenn Anderson Jersey, the lightning team in this focus of the war there may be upset Mike Richter Jersey. Goalkeeper position, the goalkeeper position, the team coach Mike - Sullivan still believe in the two goalkeeper rotation appearance system, the game should turn Matt - Murray's appearance, Murray in the first two games of the fighting rate Have reached 96.7%, each lost only one ball, if he can continue such a good state for the weak trapeze striker will be a very fatal threat. The second quarter the two sides are still stalemate, the Kings took a little bit on the sidelines, the first 12 minutes Tefrey also won the single-pole opportunity, but he got rid of the defensive team's post-processing is too muddy water, his pull the ball is too slow to lead the ranger guard Nick - Holden from the heel James Patrick Jersey, with aggressive defense destroyed the attack. The first 10 minutes, with the kings of Johnny - "ice hockey" reputation of the teenager Johnny - Brockinsky won the single-pole opportunity, but his shot is still Langta brave to resolve. 13 minutes 02 seconds, the old kings backcourt fire, Chris - Clyde in front of the Kings in the sea, guard Brandon - Smith in the distance shot, although the ball missed, but the ball fell to the other side Followed by Derek - Stump's pole, he rushed to make the second reaction before the Quaker ball into the empty door, 1: 0, the first to break the deadlock on the stadium.

Buchu is still not signed after being

Le 9 April 2017, 08:52 dans Humeurs 0

1991 St. Patrick's Day, at the time of the Chicago Coliseum, Black Hawk to 6-4 victory over the blues Nick Holden Jersey, but the results of the game is not the focus of attention of the fans. The Black Hawk and the Blues have been in the same district since 1970, with only 300 miles between the two cities, which means they will meet most of the time in the regular season. This is the same area rivals, coupled with the Presidential Cup competition, making the two sides between the gunpowder from the beginning of the game continue to increase Wayne Gretzky Jersey. First blues team of Glenn Featherstone on the Black Hawk player Jeremy Ronnick collision teammate Harold feel dissatisfied. 19-year-old Parsons last season with the London Cavaliers won the Montreal Cup, but also on behalf of the US team participated in the 2017 International Youth World Youth Hockey Championship championship runner-up. Ronberg from Richmond Hill, Ontario, signed in September 2015, after the first two seasons on behalf of the flame of the AHL and ECHL affiliate team competition. 22-year-old Lombie this season on behalf of the Heat played 55 games Oscar Lindberg Jersey, contributed 19 points, including 8 goals and 11 assists, and 109 minutes of time to lead the club. Denver University, led by Troy Terry and Will Boucher, will be the number one seed Ryan McDonagh Jersey, and Buchu is still not signed after being selected by the Colorado avalanche, he is one of the best guards in the college player, Baker Award for one of the top ten candidates. Also at the top of the list are Minnesota Duluth, Harvard University and the University of Minnesota. The match will begin on March 25, Beijing, April 7-9 in Chicago. Midwest champion will be on April 7 and the Northeast Division championship semi-finals, while the Western Championship will be against the Eastern champion. The championship battle will take place on April 9th ??at eight o'clock.

The two sides quarrel

Le 9 April 2017, 08:52 dans Humeurs 0

The two sides quarrel, and then Feusu Stone, Ronnie Ke, Keith Brown three push each other, the conflict intensified, the other players have joined in succession began to melee, the scene out of control. The first and second referees of the game made a total of 278 minutes of penalty, including 24 penalties, 12 penalties and 17 misconduct. A total of 12 players were expelled (two sides of the six), and a number of players were suspended and fine, the scene is very intense. The focus of the Pacific Division for the playoffs will be between the Los Angeles King and the Edmonton Oilers Glenn Anderson Jersey, and the King who had just crashed in Calgary the day before could adjust the state? Tencent sports will be in Beijing time on March 21 at 9:00 am for your video live this game Derick Brassard Jersey, so stay tuned. The current kings behind the third division of the oil 10 points, the game they have no escape route, and for the oil team, this lead has let them almost locked the playoff seat, although the two sides in the past 7 In the game, the Kings won six victories, but the last battle Phil Esposito Jersey, the oil sits home to 3: 1 victory over the king so that they occupy the psychological advantage. Yesterday in Ottawa 65 minutes, and finally through the penalty to win the victory of the Canadians and the Senate team moved to Montreal today battles Cam Talbot Jersey, the results of Canadians completely open the situation to 4: 1 big score beat the Senate team, back to beat Opponents at the same time the difference between the two teams to expand to 4 points. The game, the two sides continue to send the main goalkeeper, the Canadian team's Kerry Price and Senator Craig Anderson back to back, which shows the two teams for this game attention. Defense line, the Canadian defender Alexei Yemi Lin was a snow back to the lineup, Senator side, General Mark Stone is still missing. Opening only 28 seconds, the Canadians made a dream start, the recent state of the brave two groups left Paul Byron in the face of Senator Captain Eric Carlson's man-made when firmly in the wall control on the left side of the ball, he Back to the guard Andrei Markov, the latter in the blue line at the long-range, Anderson's line of sight by the Canadians two right-wing Brandon Gallag's block, although he made a save but failed to control Good rebound the ball of the placement, the door in front of the two groups of the center of the top of the center of the Tommas Plekhani scoring the ball into the 1: 0 Canadians lead.

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